To Feel Free

Been a while since I posted. Have been too busy with work and admittedly was having a hard time dealing with my emotions… of various kinds.

Well I must say, it has been an uphill battle for a while. But, I am deeply thankful to GOD for helping me to make sense of my mess and always teaching me something from my dark times that help me grow, be stronger, and come closer to being someone he wants me to be.

He never lets me break and always manages to get my pieces back together and emerge victorious in every battle. And all this struggle has convinced me that only he can do it. Because this noise and madness stops only when my mind takes shelter in GOD.

And for this reason, I am posting a poem for him and by him (not me), for he helped me see the light at the end of the long, dark tunnel and was there with me through each step, even if at times I doubted it.

Here’s the poem. It is about that one battle about many battles I fight within myself every now and then.

And yes, I do feel free and light Thank you for stopping by!

GOD’s Love and light!

10 thoughts on “To Feel Free

  1. I enjoyed the poem so much! Thanks for sharing it. I too am learning to deal with pain and not hold emotions inside. Like you mentioned, dealing with pain is the only way we will heal. We canโ€™t keep locking pain inside our hearts, because it does damage. Jesus wants to heal our pain and He also provides us with people and other resources to help us. โค๏ธ

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  2. This is a poignant poem. The darkness I see of the battle is frightening.

    You twice mention the word “Lies.”

    “What LIES behind those doors always knocks.”
    “Beyond pain LIES growth”

    My grandmother was so stern and staunch; devoted to her Christian Faith; biblical scripture and study…and sharing as she taught us as/while she studied.

    My grandmother used to say, “There is no defense against a liar!” This statement and her eyes cackling with contempt charged with lightening are what I remember of this statement she made only once in my presence. I can never ever forget this. I hear and see it as clearly as the day she said it 45 years ago.

    Of the deep dark night when the angry accusing voices call from behind the doors that beg us to open, there are the lies spoken…no salvation, no goodness in the world (within and without ourselves), No redemption of either as well. These lies in the dark from behind those doors…we can’t even see they are open; the doors and the lies; because it’s so dark.

    When I read “Beyond Pain LIES growth” I don’t know why I thought about how people always tell us to move beyond the pain and that’s where growth is, but the implication in reading what your wrote; what flashed in my mind is that in the pain that we experience in the darkness where lies whisper evil things, that’s were we actually grow…and beyond the pain…there is Truth, and that’s where God leads us because Truth is light – the place to where God leads us out of darkness. We see the Truth; we grow in Truth in the pain the darkness would have destroyed within us…as I see it.

    This poem you wrote…this poem is special to me, and I thank you; not for enduring a dark night. I would not thank for that (thanking someone for enduring such great suffering? I recoil at the thought), but the Truth God lead you to and you sharing that…oh, man! Thanks for sharing courage that God brought you through and into. Thank you.

    Please…pardon my long response.


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    1. Ian, first of all, you have a lovely name, and thank you yet again for sharing your experience.

      The poem was based my inner conflict as you guessed. Yes, darkness does destroy people and moving beyond it is where growth and truth lie. But we all are like a plant. We need a bit of sunshine and a bit of rain to grow. I did suffer during the phase mentioned above, and definitely would have drowned in my sorrow. However, as I said in the article, that nobody else could have made me victorious even in this battle except GOD. Moreover, he turned it into an important lesson for growth. And as I have experienced time and again, whenever I change my perspective and view things from GOD’s perspective, not only does the rain turn into sunshine again, but it always brings me close to GOD. It reminds me that some rain is important for my own growth. And it’s up to me how I endure it- with a smile or a frown. So towards the end of the article, I actually feel grateful even for the suffering I endure. Of course, sometimes I don’t feel as grateful while enduring it, and that’s something I am working on. For faith is tested in trying times.

      There’s too much going on in the article. ๐Ÿ˜‹

      And please don’t worry about the length of your comments. ๐Ÿค—

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      1. I really love how you explained this, and thanks so much for “Shedding Light.” I see it better, and it’s good…very good how you said this.

        Thank you for sharing God’s light!

        Peace Peace Peace to you. I’m so glad you came through ;o)

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