3 thoughts on “Negativity or Positivity- A Musing

  1. I’m not exactly sure what to say because the statement could be either or anything in-between positive or negative; these charges always moving back and forth; really.

    What helps one, sickens another and vs.versa. What inspires one may despair another. And so it goes.

    That road though; driving through the desert I imagine, and it’s Summer…and nowhere to stop; praying we have enough gas to get where we’re going. But then, 200 miles from the nearest gas station you gotta pee…like real bad, because 200 miles back, you had a liter of water, a slurppy and coffee.

    Is it positive or negative to stop and pee on the side of the road? Those passing would judge and be disgusted. But the driver? Oh yeah…it’s a positive for him. I don’t think he could wait 200 miles.

    Of course drinking all that stuff was not great. Bad! But he’s driving through a desert and needed to hydrate. Good.

    I hope things are getting better, or…are they already better? I hope so. I love your articles.

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