Pinocchio- The Story

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We have heard the above statement so many times in our life. Let’s find out what happened with a puppet named Pinocchio who would always lie.

Could you make any connections?

Have you experienced the ill-effects of lying in your life?

What do you think about the story?

Do leave your comments below. And don’t forget to retell the story to your parents. Do discuss it with them too.

Happy learning!

4 thoughts on “Pinocchio- The Story

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    Great story on honesty! I learnt that we should always tell the truth and if we tell a lie, the ill-effects can be dangerous. I have experienced the ill-effects of telling a lie. It was when I told a lie to my parents and after 2-3 hours I had to tell them the truth. After that, I realised my mistake and apologised to them. From that day onwards, I never thought of telling a lie. Thanks!
    Mehal Mohan
    V A


  2. Dear ma’am Tarana
    thanks for sending the story on Pinocchio . It was very interesting and I answered all the questions. Keep sending more stories.
    V – B

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