Winner of the Micro Story Competition!

It’s time for the next reveal!

I know most of you have been asking for this. I got a higher number of entries this time as many children from various sections took part. Some of them came quite close to winning. However, the one that stood out was this one.

Any guesses who it was by?

It was none other than…

*Drum roll*

Jayita Nangia of class IV- B!

Here’s her entry!

The synonyms of collaborate are- unite and participate.

One day in class three ,we had an art competition held in our class to collaborate as a team to make some creative art out of old leaves. My group members and I had made such a gorgeous painting that our teacher appreciated us a lot.

She won due to the no errors in punctuation and spellings along with well structured sentences that make complete sense.

Even though I got brilliant entries this time, they couldn’t win due to errors in spellings or sentence structure. You must always revise, edit and uplevel you work before submission!

Let’s see who the next winner is.

The next word will be posted soon.

Happy learning!

15 thoughts on “Winner of the Micro Story Competition!

  1. Hello ma’am this is Ajnaa. I have made my blog it was first wonderful and FAN-tastic now it a funny name called bookboombox. Please read my first blog and I hope you will follow me. I am learning so may not be the best now.


  2. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    Thank you a lots for chosing me as a winner . I am thrilled to see it.

    Jayita Nangia


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