A Book Review By a 5th Grader!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am feeling to be sharing this- to see my students following in my footsteps and taking forward what was started many months back.

A couple of weeks ago, as India was celebrating its Independence Day, I had urged some of my students to free themselves of the limitations that they put on their abilities and create a blog to share a bit of themselves with the world. (To read that article click here.)

This sure felt like shooting in the dark. Little did I anticipate that the response would be so overwhelming.

So many of them created blog using that article. The one’s who couldn’t, insisted that I personally teach them how to create one. I had my students who have gone to middle school come to me during break time for this. Classes where I don’t teach and went just for substitution asking to do the same. So many children want to create a blog that soon I will be taking separate classes for this purpose.

What’s even better is that some of them have already gone beyond what I do on my blog.

Here’s something from one of my students who’s a bibliophile. This, I believe, is her first book review on any public forum. Do support her.

Click here to read it.

I would really appreciate if you could leave your feedback on her blog to motivate her. She’s extremely kindhearted and really implements all that we discuss in the class. She loves reading so much that she stops wherever she finds something readable, be it a book or the newspaper.

P.S. – Well done, Aanya! I am super proud of you! Keep writing! I am sure your actions are inspiring for many people.

Much love and light to everyone!

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