Subject-Verb Agreement: Best Friends with a Twist- Video

I still remember the day I introduced my grade 4 students to The Grammar Family. I told them about how each member of the family has its own place without which everything would be topsy-turvy in the Grammar family’s household. But, there are some words that are naughty and keep breaking the rules. And how some of them even have secret best friends.

Well, I am sure this sounds confusing. So let me break it down for you… not literally but figuratively. (Let’s see who is able to find out the meaning of this phrase)

So, who are the best friends?

Subject and Verb are Friends

So now ‘S’ (Subject) is best friends with ‘V’ (Verb). And as best friends, they work together. But how? Simply by being singular at the same time and plural at the same time (as given below in the picture). However, they hide their friendship by never looking the same in public. They do this by adding an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to the verb when it’s singular! That’s why so many people get confused. Nonetheless, who are the rule breakers in their family?

Subject Verb Agreement Rule Breakers

To explain it even better here is some additional help:

Subject Verb Agreement Rules

The link to a video on Subject-Verb Agreement.

After you watch this video, you will realise, it’s almost like ‘I’ and ‘You’ refuse to stay in their house and have moved to their neighbour’s house.

So you see how you have already been using subject- verb agreement in your daily conversations without even realizing. However, what is important is to use them correctly.

Notice where you make a mistake in subject- verb agreement and make sure you use them correctly the next time. Practice it while writing and speaking to get better at it.

Hope this helped.

Keep learning. Keep growing.

21 thoughts on “Subject-Verb Agreement: Best Friends with a Twist- Video

  1. Dear ma’am Tarana ,
    the videos and pictures were very helpful and I understood that what is Subject Verb Agreement .
    Thank you .

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