View Loneliness From HIS Eyes

Love your uniqueness, your loneliness. It’s a gift from GOD. The one’s who are trapped in the material world have a hard time walking with GOD. It’s when some people are lonely that they truly acknowledge that GOD is around. Maybe you would have never felt the need for him otherwise.

Loneliness is GOD’s way of reminding us that he’s here. He wants us to take our eyes off the world and look at HIM, and see that he has been there all along, even if nobody else is or will be!

All saints and sages are known to have chosen voluntary loneliness, which we can call solitude. The difference between the two being that loneliness may hurt because we feel alone, but solitude helps us feel closer to GOD and know there never was separation from him. It’s just that we had forgotten he was there. It helps us bring our vision back on him, the one who lives within.

So if you are different and feel like you are not part of the crowd, then feel grateful because those people might have friends abound, but you are the one who walks or will walk with GOD and know that he’s always around. And that is true strength, joy, love and wholeness!

Do give his vision for your life a chance. View life from his eyes.

I hope you heal!

Much much love and loads of light!

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