The Silence of the Saint and the Sufferer

A lot of times people who are not invested in spiritual growth do things similar to that of a person walking the spiritual path. But what we don’t realise is the huge difference in the reasons why things are done by both parties.

A saint here implies anyone walking the path of spirituality, not necessarily an accomplished saint of any faith.

A sufferer could be anyone suffering from all that comes with the “ego- self”. With this they are bound in unending desires and an intensity of emotion. Hence, they live in a cycle of happiness and sorrows. The sufferers are away from peace, from inner quiet. One day they are extremely happy and the other despondent. They are trapped in the identities and emotions made by the ego- self.

The saint on the other hand, the yogi, the monk, has seen the truth of life. He is free from the bondages of this material world due to a freedom from the ” ego- self” and all that comes with it. He rejoices in inner silence with freedom from all things that limit the endless overflow of love inside.

So, the difference is in not what they do, but why the two of them do it and what impact it has on them.

Much love!

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