Dowry- A Play on Love

Dowry should not be taken or given. It makes love transactional as if it’s a commodity.

A person who truly loves you, will love and accept you despite the exchange of expensive “gifts” given in the name of dowry. It perpetuates subjugation of women. Why must a woman pay to be loved and cared for?

A woman when married brings way more to the family she is going to that can be measured just in monetary terms. And even if she doesn’t, nobody should have to pay their way to love and companionship.

Women should value themselves more!

Just because everybody does it, doesn’t make it right. Put an end to this. Stand strong and say, “No!”

7 thoughts on “Dowry- A Play on Love

  1. For years no one thought about that. It was accepted as a natural practice. And that makes me think were people naive or stupid (yes I am talking about a girl’s family).
    If a guy is financially unstable and is weighing the merits of the relationship based on what you are going to give , are you sane enough to consider this a perfect match ?
    Fie upon such a society that satiated the greed of a group among themselves because they believed they were entitled by the virtue of being a boy’s family. Pity on the society that tolerated such attitudes and even encouraged them. Rejection after rejection would have taught the lesson to this rapacity but nahi ‘betion ko sir say na utara tou yeh kya kahay ga or woh kya kahay ga’…..

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