How to Write a Character Sketch (For Beginners)

A character sketch is description of a person’s qualities or traits. It tells you what makes a person who he/she/it is.

Here’s a video describing how to find character traits. It will also talk about character development.

The image below sums up what the video is trying to tell you about character traits.

Image source- unknown

Here’s an upbeat song that describes character traits further:

Now that you know what character traits and character development is, here’s a little exercise to put your knowledge to use.

  • What is the meaning of character traits?
  • What is the meaning of character development?
  • Think of your favourite book and pick your favourite and least favourite characters in it. Then write 3 things that describe him/her/it internally and 3 things that describe he/she/it externally.
  • Also write about whether there is any character development in either of the characters.

Do share your findings in the comments below.

Happy learning!

12 thoughts on “How to Write a Character Sketch (For Beginners)

  1. Thanks ma’am…. Very useful for us……. Character sketch is a description of the character’s qualities or traits. Both the videos are superb.


  2. Dear ma’am Tarana,
    Thank you for such amazing videos that you sent. I have seen them and written answers to the questions you sent. It was a help to revise what we had learnt.


  3. Dear maam
    I loved boththe videos and learnt new things like character traits and character devlopment .
    Thanks for sennding these videos.
    By Parnika
    To maam Tarana

    Liked by 1 person

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