20 Children’s Book That Redefine Gender Roles

Children are exposed to gender roles sometimes in very obvious ways, but sometimes very subtly. One of the subtle ways was the fairytales and story books we read while growing up where the girl was always the damsel in distress in need of being saved by a handsome and strong boy. Ugh! There were many… Continue reading 20 Children’s Book That Redefine Gender Roles

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How to Choose the Just- Right Book

To enjoy reading, we must learn how to choose the right book.

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Word of the Day- November 20, 2018

excerpt (noun) short part taken from a book, movie, speech etc. Sentence- The excerpt from the book "Robinson Crusoe" which is given in our textbook Marigold, does not clarify who the mysterious footprint belonged to, so I ended up reading the whole book. Questions: Have you found out any such excerpts in your books? What… Continue reading Word of the Day- November 20, 2018

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Some Food for Thought

I was reminded of a quote from the movie "Rough book"- "Padhaane se sabse zyada fayda padhaane wale ko hota hai." So which level are you on? Think of some ways you can teach others what you have learnt yourself. Can simply teach everything to ourselves again or our parents? Group studies can also help… Continue reading Some Food for Thought