20 Children’s Book That Redefine Gender Roles

Children are exposed to gender roles sometimes in very obvious ways, but sometimes very subtly. One of the subtle ways was the fairytales and story books we read while growing up where the girl was always the damsel in distress in need of being saved by a handsome and strong boy. Ugh! There were many… Continue reading 20 Children’s Book That Redefine Gender Roles

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Change with Time (Short Poem)

It's not always a lack of money and resources that can bring a place down. Time wrecks havoc on a place in many ways. Don't you think it's important to adapt to changing times? Yes, we need to preserve cultural heritage, but that does not mean we can't move ahead with the new and positive… Continue reading Change with Time (Short Poem)

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To Part in Many Ways- A Short Story

This has been on my mind for very long! Not the story, but to post some of my own writing. This is something I finished today. Do leave your comments about what/how it made you feel. To Part in Many Ways She banged at the door with restless hands, hoping for some shelter inside. She… Continue reading To Part in Many Ways- A Short Story