Mentor Texts

Pinocchio- The Story

Image Source- We have heard the above statement so many times in our life. Let's find out what happened with a puppet named Pinocchio who would always lie. Could you make any connections? Have you experienced the ill-effects of lying in your life? What do you think about the story? Do leave your… Continue reading Pinocchio- The Story

English Grammar

Present, Past and Future Continuous Tenses

The continuous tense shows an action that is, was, or will be in progress at a certain time. The continuous tense is formed with the verb ‘be’ + -ing form of the verb. Questions to guide your thinking: What are continuous tenses?Give two examples of each of the following by writing complete sentences:Present Continuous… Continue reading Present, Past and Future Continuous Tenses

English Grammar

Direct and Indirect Speech (Declarative Sentences) – Videos

Direct Speech is when the exact words of the speaker are used in a conversation. The exact words of the speaker are enclosed in quotation marks. Indirect Speech is when we convey the words/ message of the speaker in our own words. Therefore, it is also called Reported Speech. Here the quotation marks are not… Continue reading Direct and Indirect Speech (Declarative Sentences) – Videos

Reading Workshop

How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

Finding the "Main Idea"is one the most important skills a reader must have. Without this skill, a reader cannot understand what the text is mainly about. There are various places in the text which tell us about its main idea. Watch these two videos to find out WHAT a main idea is and HOW to… Continue reading How to Find the Main Idea of a Text

English Grammar

Prepositions- Explanation and Examples (FBLD)

Ever wondered what prepositions are? Here's your answer. Prepositions are words that link nouns, pronouns and other words in a sentence. Here are some videos that will help you to understand Prepositions step-by-step. Video on- What are Prepositions? Video on- Position of Prepositions in a Sentence A video song on various examples of… Continue reading Prepositions- Explanation and Examples (FBLD)

English Grammar

Good Signs for Readers- Punctuation Marks

Using punctuation marks is essential while writing, for without them, the reader feels lost while reading. He/she wouldn't know when a thought has ended or what the feeling behind the thought is, like whether it was a strong emotion or a normal one. Like look at this picture.Punctuation marks completely alter the meaning of a… Continue reading Good Signs for Readers- Punctuation Marks

English Grammar

Exercises on Commas

So here a video to help you learn about some of the uses of commas: Exercise on use of commas to punctuate lists. Exercise on use of commas while directly addressing someone. Here's a quiz on commas. Mixed bag quiz on commas. Another mixed bag exercise. You can check your answers at the end.… Continue reading Exercises on Commas