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The Talkative Barber- Audio

Here's the audio to the story of "The Talkative Barber". Close your eyes and see if you can visualize the whole story in your mind. Do notice the voice modulation, diction and pauses of the reader. Also, do mention if you think of any connections or were able to visualize anything while listening to the… Continue reading The Talkative Barber- Audio

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The Art of Writing Narratives

A good story has certain elements and a structure. Find out more about them through these interesting resources.

Mentor Texts

The Lazy Frog- Video

Does the picture in this dog remind you of someone? Well, it reminds me of many people, but most of all I can connect it to the chapter "Rip Van Winkle" and the poem "The Lazy Frog" (You know good readers are always 'connecting' in order to understand the text better). Here's a link to… Continue reading The Lazy Frog- Video