Exercises on Commas- II

Image source: Grammarly.comComma is an extremely important member of the punctuation family. But it is slightly confused too. It is like the young siblings of the full stop for it doesn't know whether it should end the sentence or let it go on. So it kind of does both and neither of these things completely. … Continue reading Exercises on Commas- II

Winner of the Word Hunt

Wow! What amazing sentences I got on the last Vocabulary post! Indeed all of you are becoming better at framing sentences. In case you don't know what I am talking about, click here. The rules of the Word Hunt were: You had to find the synonym of "devour". The child who would find the word … Continue reading Winner of the Word Hunt

Word of the Day- April 30, 2019

Have you ever frolicked anywhere? I sure have seen most of my students frolicking in the school itself. Leave your connections in the comment section. Don't forget to use the word as you describe your incident. Also, referring to our conversation from yesterday, I still haven't received the synonym of "delicious" uploaded on the blog … Continue reading Word of the Day- April 30, 2019

Exercises on Commas

So here a video to help you learn about some of the uses of commas: https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/grammar/punctuation-the-comma-and-the-apostrophe/introduction-to-commas/v/meet-the-comma-the-comma-punctuation-khan-academy Exercise on use of commas to punctuate lists. Exercise on use of commas while directly addressing someone. Here's a quiz on commas. Mixed bag quiz on commas. Another mixed bag exercise. You can check your answers at the end. … Continue reading Exercises on Commas

Still Think Punctuation Isn’t Important?

Funny right? or Funny, right? Did you get the difference between my first two sentences? The first sentence "Funny right?" means that the right side is funny, whereas the second sentence "Funny, right?" simply means that I am asking for an affirmation from you that these pictures are funny. By the way, even the meaning … Continue reading Still Think Punctuation Isn’t Important?